Sunday, July 1, 2012

Preview-Update soon :)

here i would like to share the 
latest card design i have in hand now...
this is for preview only..
will update soon the prices and details

for sure the price is below rm10 :-)

sorry the pic quality is very bad..
i hv to admit i m not good in taking photo..too bad rit..huhu

enjoy viewing
have a nice days!!


Personal Manual Paper Shredder for Sale!!!! Hurry Up!!!

hi peeps,

i m selling the personal paper shredder for your art work :-)
we got two (2) size in store..
so hurry up!!

the stock is limited.

1. Personal Manual Paper Shredder Small
Price: RM38 include postage for whole Malaysia (via PosLaju)

2. Personal Manual Paper Shredder Big
Price: RM50 include postage for whole Malaysia (via Poslaju)


Kindly email us at

we will reply ur email promptly .

thank you.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

✿Bon Voyage Card✿

✿This card specially made for my colleague..
she going to further study in australia..

basically the card idea is luggage bag shape
i Google search some of luggage card for my reference :)
the card is A3 size paper..
a bet its too big rit?
will improve in the next creation :) ✿


til then, will update more on the card later


Monday, February 13, 2012

✿Flipflop slipper card✿

✿its inspired by flip flop slipper
i get the idea when i search at mr.Google..
this card can be Thank You Card, Happy Birthday Card
and its quite general..

Fliflop slipper card-Front

Flipflop slipper card

flipflop slipper card

flipflop slipper card

interested? Feel free to contact me :)
contact details is at the right side bar.

✿Thank You✿


Thursday, June 9, 2011

✿the frame after touched up✿

✿Elephant Photo Frame✿

i cant believe this in just 1 nite i can 
finished my 2 photo frame..

Photo Frame Price:RM10.00so damn cute rit?
comes n get one..
feel free to contact me for more details
at or my FB Affida Rasdi.


Design by,

✿Turtle Photo Frame✿

just a short update..
will explain later about this photo frame

Photo Frame Price:RM10.00
feel free to contact me for more details
at or my FB Affida Rasdi.


Design by,